Sometimes Plans Need A’Changin’

From the top of Gray's Peak at sunrise

From the top of Gray’s Peak at sunrise

Plans and expectations. Everyone’s got ‘em. For the day, the week, the meeting, life in general.  It’s nearly impossible not to have them. And, they’re a good thing to have! They can keep you on track for your goals and keep you moving forward.

The problem comes when plans and expectations aren’t met.

That job that was your “Dream Job” turns out not to be your lifelong career. The person you thought was “The One” is actually just another ex. Your “Forever Home” is just a place you stayed for a bit.

These plans can change for a number of reasons, not all of which you can control. What you can control is how you react to them. Do you fight the truth and struggle to keep your plans the way they were? Do you make excuses so that your situation fits into the box you’ve imagined for it?

Or do you accept the facts, realign your compass and move onto the next phase of the plan that you might not’ve seen coming your way?

Having an idea of where you want your life to go is a GOOD thing. Being able to overcome the obstacles – whether that means going over them, through them, around them or turning the other way entirely – is even better.

If you keep holding onto the first dream you made for yourself, you’ll be exhausted trying to keep it afloat. It’s better for your well-being if you can adjust your sails and move in a previously unexpected direction, than cling to a sinking ideal that wasn’t meant for you in the long run.


WIP Wednesday: Big things and Little things

This week I’ve got some new projects on the needles.IMG_5328

Another viking helmet is making its way into reality along with some minion-inspired shift knob covers!IMG_5326

The base of the helmet along with the longer “metal” pieces and both horns are done, I just need to finish up the two smaller “metal” pieces and the beard and it’s ready to go!

What are you making this week?

Backpacking in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness

4 days and 3 nights spent in the mountains with family is easily one of the best ways to spend a long weekend. (even if the first half of that weekend is filled with snow and rain and wind and super cold temperatures that you weren’t quite prepared for)IMG_4840

Saturday we began our trip and had planned to summit Yale that day but as we reached the top, the weather turned and wind and snow picked up and forced us back down the mountain.  We spent that night by Hartenstein Lake and the view in the morning, after the storms had cleared, was incredible.IMG_4874


Sunday saw a bit more of the cold and grey weather with wind gusts up to 50 mph as we were heading over Browns Pass. We were lucky enough to find some time to visit Browns Cabin and the nearby mines before grey skies appeared again.IMG_4935

Monday we hiked Mount Harvard and let me tell you, that was absolutely gorgeous and a great hike – I highly recommend it.  A bit windy in parts, as mountains can be, but not nearly as bad as the previous day.IMG_5130

Tuesday we hiked out over another pass whose name I can’t recall and followed up our exhausting weekend with pizza and beer before I made the gorgeous drive back to Fort Collins.IMG_5086

Oh, and you know I brought my knitting!  It still smells like campfire and for that, I cannot complain.

Happy Weekend!

In the US, this weekend is Labor Day Weekend which means that many folka (myself included) get Monday off to galavant in whatever non-work related way they please.

I’m headed to the mountains with my Dad and younger brother (and Miss Lisa, of course) and I’ll report back next week with photos of our adventures!

Enjoy your weekend whatever you end up doing, get your knit on!

WIP Wednesday: It Grows

The sweater I can’t really show you is growing this week!  The fronts are both done and I’ll start on finishing the back today.IMG_4809

What are you working on?

FO Friday: Bound for Snow

When I was finally able to actually focus on this hat, it moved along rather quickly and became an FO almost overnight!  I really love the way the tonal yarn picks up and plays with the texture of the body of that.

The pattern was great, charted and written instructions to appeal to both groups of knitters (I’m a chart reader, myself) and it gave me ample opportunity to practice cabling without a cable needle.  “Practice” being loosely defined, I very rarely use cable needles these days.

I think this will be a very welcome addition to my knits basket this winter – Colorado winters give plenty of reason to just keep on knittin’.

Pattern: Snowbound by Justyna Lorkowska

Yarn: Madeline Tosh DK (we believe, there was no label)

What are you working on this week?  Have you finished anything fun lately?

WIP Wednesday

Much progress has been made on the sweater KAL for both Hannah and I and I’m totally loving how this Rylie yarn is knitting up!IMG_4758

The shawl hasn’t been knit on too much, but every now and then I just need a long garter row with very little detail and it just hits the right spot.  I know it’ll be done as soon as I’m able, probably after this new sweater is finished.

What are you working on this week?