Solo Date

This past Saturday I had a luxurious day with some time to myself – this was the first day in many weeks that didn’t have anything specific planned and although I had tons of stuff to do, I HAD THE DAY TO DO THEM! Finally, time to check off some things on my to-do list.IMG_5609

Not all of the day was spent being productive and unpacking my new place, I took some time out in the middle of it to take myself and the dog to downtown Golden and have some fun.  We walked along the river, knitted (well, that was just me, she kept guard for squirrels), and enjoyed the perfect weather and the fall colors.IMG_5640

I don’t really have a problem going places alone but more often than not, I’ll end up staying home all day if I don’t have someone else to drag me out or tag along with so heading out and running fun errands just me and the pup was kind of weird and a bit brave and probably something we should do more often.IMG_5633

Do you take yourself out on “dates” when you have no one else to go with?

WIP Wednesday: Little Projects Making Up A Big One

I have so many projects on the needles, guys. Seriously. I usually (lately, at least) try to be a monogamous knitter so that I can actually make progress on a thing and finish it in a reasonable amount of time. Beer time with friends helps.IMG_5588

I’ve got 3 sweaters (2 of my own design) happenin’ and all in various stages of completion.IMG_5595

I also recently started an accessory project that I’m excited to share with you (not now, but soon!).IMG_5554

The big project referenced in the title? Life.

I’m building my life again, as usual and as some things feel like they’re falling into place, others feel like they’re falling right now and floating around, needing a seat belt to keep them in place.

What are you working on this week?

Fall is Here


I’m sure this is true for most of the Northern Hemisphere, but its certainly true of Colorado right now – fall is approaching and bringing it with it cooler temperatures, pretty colors and a hankering for knits.IMG_5581

I’ve been lucky enough to have some time to spend enjoying the above in between all the crazy deadlines and projects and work I’ve been up to lately! (Not to mention moving, but……we won’t actually mention that…)IMG_5585

(the beer is the same color as many of the leaves around here!) What’s your favorite part about fall?

Settling In

Some things don’t change when Miss Lisa and I move from place to place. She can cuddle up just about anywhere.IMG_5504

Some do. Where my work gets done is very location-dependent and this seems like an ideal spot as long as the weather stays nice.IMG_5505

Where do you get your work done?

Moving Is A Lot Like Drinking

Both are kinda fun when you start out – you get to try new things and probably go new places, the excitement is fresh and you’re looking for adventure! IMG_4913

Then, when in the throes of your decision and dealing with the consequences – good and bad – you experience the hang-over, the hard part, the “I’m never moving/drinking again!” part. IMG_5494

Once this unpleasant phase is over though, you have a tendency to remember the fun times, exciting times, and now you’ve got new things under your belt and more preferences and experience to draw upon next time.IMG_5502

I’ll probably continue to move around, I imagine. This time around, I’m back in Lakewood, just west of Denver and I’m so happy to have returned to this area!


New Yarn, New Project

Last week I was debating between yarns and asked Twitter to help me choose between Shibui Pebble and Mrs. Crosby Hat Box.  The recipient (my Dearest Aunteeeeee J) of the coming project helped me make the final decision and we went with the Hat Box!IMG_5448

The yarns have arrived, been wound, swatched and one of the pieces cast on.  I can tell you this right now – we’re not disappointed about the yarn. Trying new-to-me yarn is always exciting but for such a big project (a sweater), it can be a risk!IMG_5450

I’ve never used Mrs. Crosby yarn before but I’m really enjoying this base and I love the tonal variations of the Squid Ink colorway!IMG_5462

Have you ever worked with this yarn?  What did you make out of it?IMG_5473

FO Friday: Minion Covers

I like to alternate long-term projects with quick knits.  The sweaters are usually long-term projects (but man, do I love those!) and quick knits can vary from accessories for people and pets to cars. This time around, we chose cars.  These cute little minion shift knob covers were finished a bit ago, very rapidly, and shipped to their new home!  IMG_5346

Loosely following my shift knob cover pattern, these little guys were fun and relatively quick to make.  I hope they get a lot of use and love!IMG_5348

I didn’t even know there was a purple minion until the request came in, I guess I didn’t see the sequel!IMG_5347

What have you been making lately?