Where The Wool Comes From

Its hard not to love sheep, even if you’re not a knitter.  They are so cute and fuzzy, I just want to hug them all!

I think these stamps from norajane would be perfect to add a little animal touch to the tags on my knitted wares, or in the corners of the pages of my patterns perhaps?

I have had my eye on these stitch markers from weeones (I already have the elephant herd) and think they would make a great addition to my ‘wee’ collection, hehe get it? wee?

Needle felting is something I have always wanted to try, and this sheep kit from bearcreekdesign might be too good to pass up!  Do any of you needle felt? Have you tried it?  What did you think?

It would be fun to carry around this precious little guy from hooop on my keychain when I go driving, I think he and my moped Daisy would get along perfectly 🙂

Whats your favorite wool to work with?


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