The Yellow Cardigan

I didn’t finish getting the pattern for this cardigan written up this past weekend, I have, instead, decided to re-do the sleeves.

Originally, I wanted puff sleeves but it didn’t work out perfectly with this design (and, as a small perfectionist, I like things to be perfect…I’m sure you understand).  I have frogged one sleeve and intend to do either short flutter sleeves, or a small cap sleeve, do you have any preferences?  Please share your thoughts!

Today, I will be sewing on the beautiful buttons, contemplating pockets and waiting on your feedback about the sleeves while debating what I would like to see more of.

2 thoughts on “The Yellow Cardigan

  1. Love your cardigan design! I think the sleeves would be really classic as caps, but the flutter thing is very ‘now’ – depends what flavour you want the finished piece to have….
    As a slightly lapsed/inactive etsyknitter I love seeing that you’re doing patterns now too, it’s inspiring me to get going on writing some over the all-too-brief academic summer break 😦

    Look forward to seeing the final cardigan when you’re satisfied with the sleeves!

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