Knitting Makes Me Happy

‘Knitting Makes Me Happy’ – well duh, right?  but there is more to it than that! Tara over on ScoutieGirl is talking about gifts of enthusiasm today and it struck a chord with me.

Last night I had a hard time falling asleep because I just wanted to be knitting and creating and designing.  I didn’t want to be sleeping but I knew that if I didn’t sleep, I wouldn’t be able to knit, create and design today (finishing up that yellow cardigan: pockets!).

Knitting, creating and designing makes me more than happy, I am enthusiastic about it.  If I am not doing any of those things for a period of time, I am not the same person, I am a shell.

I met a woman recently who, upon finding out about what I do, turned into a vibrant 6 year old: jumping up and down, clapping, smiling, laughing and being giddy.  You see, she is into creating as well and meeting other like-minded folk made her excited.

This woman was obviously very thrilled to learn more about me, learn from me and just generally be around me!  Having her excited made me excited and I was on a small contact high from her energy.  I can only hope that I give others a high like that with my energy.

One thought on “Knitting Makes Me Happy

  1. Nice story! I have the same problem when I am trying to sleep. I want to be up making jewellery, but as you said if I don’t sleep I wont be able to do anything in the morning and there goes a waist of a day!

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