Some New Things

Ok, so a brief update on a coupla things happening.

I started a Ravelry Group yesterday!  So come on over and join the fun, its dedicated to my designs and is a place for community, test knitting, pattern sharing, errata, contests, comments, concerns and questions.  Its shaping up to be a pretty cool group so far 🙂

Also, the Long Eared Beanie with PomPoms Pattern is now available as a direct download from Ravelry!

I’m going through and editing all of my already-published patterns and making sure they fit my template and make sense, so more and more of them will be added throughout the coming weeks 😀

I will also be looking for test knitters for the yellow cardigan (name to be decided soon!) this week (probably starting tomorrow? maybe today?) so if you are interested, please let me know.  I will be putting a notice in my Group when the official hunt begins.

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