I mentioned wanting to go to Convergence last week and I was lucky enough to find a friend to go with me!  I am so glad I got this opportunity, Convergence happens every two years and it moves around the country, so it is likely that it won’t be returning to New Mexico for some time. 

Yarn Bombs Outside!

My friend and I decided to have an *Adventure!* (which is only proper if said in a high pitched voice with both hands raised above the head) and rode the train from Santa Fe to Albuquerque rather than driving.  This gave us both some creating time, I knit some on my sweater (which needs to be done by Wednesday!) and she got to sculpt some buttons with her miniature traveling ceramic kit. 

maybe 1% of the selection there, maybe...there was so. much. yarn!

After we got to Albuquerque, we walked to the Convention Center and headed straight to the vendors’ room.  You would not believe all of the beautiful things we saw! I didn’t get nearly as many pictures as I would have liked, but I did get plenty of business cards 🙂

some spinning fiber and tools

And you know what? I didn’t buy a thing!  Not one skein of yarn came home with me and I almost regret it, but I also know that, because there were so many different, amazing and wonderful yarns to choose from, I would always be second guessing my purchase, so now I regret my lack-of-purchase.

a small section of vendors

Some of the great vendors we saw and picked up cards from included MagpieCreations (beautiful ceramic buttons, earings, jewelry, etc – very different from anything else we saw that day), Healing Naturally Co. (they had some hand lotions that we tried and my hands are *still* soft from it!), Sassafras Creations (unique, totally cute jewelry made from recycled knitting needles!), and Andrew Brown Studios (very cool glasswork, some of it looked alive from within, so. cool.).

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