Let’s See How That Sweater Is Coming Along

So I need to want to have this (and this) sweater finished by tomorrow evening so that I won’t have to worry about finishing it on the plane or in Virginia, I want to have it available for the wedding.  Not that I think Virginia in July will be adequate sweater weather, but maybe the venue will be over air-conditioned, they usually are, right?  Anyways, this is how its coming:

It looks a little discombobulated right now, but it will be beautiful!

I’ve finished the main body and one of the front panels, I’m working on the second front panel as we speak (read? type?) and hope to have it completely finished or mostly finished by the end of today so that tomorrow can be spent sewing them to the sweater and finishing off the sleeves, not to mention blocking.  Think I can do it?

2 thoughts on “Let’s See How That Sweater Is Coming Along

  1. Good luck finishing your beautiful sweater! I am sure you will pull it off… looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished product!

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