Spring In The Winter

I posted a request for test knitters for some of my older patterns, including the Deep Waters and Starlit Skies Shrug.  raederle (Ravelry link) graciously accepted and test knit the large size for me. She’s finished and isn’t it gorgeous?

raederle's version

I love the colors she’s picked out, very different than those I chose and still beautiful, very complimentary to the pattern.

look at those colors!

Thank you so much raederle!

Citron for Mom

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I told you yesterday that I was making a Citron for my mom, identical to the one I made for myself.  Today I finally got a chance to take some photos of it, do you know how difficult it is to photograph red? It’s so hard!

Citron Numero Dos

And here is the cocoon of yarn I’m knitting it from 🙂

A Beautiful Butterfly Will Emerge!

This version of Citron won’t be *exactly* like the one I made, for instance I’ve had to work on it during class when I left the printed pattern in my other notebook so I’m kind of winging it, trying to do the increases in a way that seems reasonable.  If it turns out awful or misshapen, I’ll give my mom the first version, I don’t want to give her something sub-par.

I Think This Photo Shows The Real Color Of The Yarn Best

Busy Times

I apologize for having been a bad blogger lately!  I knit for three days straight at my Aunt and Uncle’s house and to be honest, I haven’t knit a stitch since till today!  I know right? Bizarre.

But.  I did have the gentleman who requested the Max Suit over the other day to try it on and it fit thank goodness!  I was a wee bit concerned there thinking ‘Oh no, it’s going to be too small!’ then switching too ‘Oh no, it’s going to be too big!’

I know, not the best picture but really! the guy wouldn't hold still!

Of course, it still needs to get half of one foot finished, both arms, the knucks on each hand, the soles sewn on, some ears and a tail.  All in all though, it’s almost done!  It’s too big to truck to classes with me, so I can’t knit on it whilst learning new knowledgable  things but I started a Citron identical to my other one this morning.  While I was home over the summer, my mom fell in love and since it was her birthday yesterday I’m making it for her present 🙂

Anyways, that’s all for today, I promise to be a better blogger and a better knitter!

The Lucy Bag

Hey everyone, sorry I have been such a bad blogger, traveling always makes it so difficult to update you.  I am now in Denver for a week before heading back to Socorro to start my last year in college so blogging may be a bit sparse, but I’m going to do my best!

I did finish that Lucy Bag before I left my Aunt and Uncle in Asheville, and my Aunt was very excited 🙂  The colors are gorgeous and perfect for fall, now my Momma is making one too!

Before Felting...

The bag was a very quick knit (obviously, but even if you aren’t on a three-day deadline) and the yarns (Cascade 220 and Noro Silk Garden) were great to work with and produced beautiful results.

After Felting

(sorry for the not-so-great photos, its hard to take pictures at night!)

Trip Knitting

So we arrived safe and sound and completely exhausted from our more than 12 hour trip from New Mexico to North Carolina.  The knitting that I brought with me at the beginning of the trip had a sudden re-birth half way through, photos of that new life to be shared later 🙂

Cotton Mills Studios

Today we went exploring, I got to see my Uncle’s studio in the Cotton Mills Studios building which is shared by a number of artists including painters, potters and fiber artists.

Skip's studio, inspiring place no?

Then we cruised down the road to the Biltmore Village area and stopped in some cute shops and, of course, browsed around Yarn Paradise.

Oh My Gosh This Place is Wonderful!

We ended up going in this store 3 (yes, three!) times.  We looked while we were waiting for a seat at the Corner Kitchen (the same restaurant that President Obama visited when he was down here) then again after lunch and once more after looking through some other shops in the area.

While we were browsing, my Aunt saw a sample of the Lucy Bag by Two Old Bags which she fell in love with and I told her that I could make her one of her very own if she’d like.  She’d like.  I helped her pick out some yarns to make it with and we ended up with some Noro Silk Garden and Cascade 220 in some gorgeous fall colors that will look great in the coming seasons.

The Lucy Bag

My goal is to have this bag done by the time we leave, think I can do it? (Why have I been setting speed-knitting goals for myself lately?)

Here's Where We Are So Far...

More adventures await us today so I’ll talk to you all later!

Travel and Knitting Blogs

Like I mentioned, I’m traveling today.  On my way to see my Uncle and Aunt who live in Asheville, NC.  So for you all today I wanted to share some of my favorite Knitting blogs.  I am always looking for more knitting blogs to read and I figured since I’m always asking for more, I should share the ones I read with my readers in case you haven’t seen them before 🙂

So here is my daily-read list, in no particular order:

Yarn Harlot – Who doesn’t read her? She’s phenomenal!

Winged Knits – She has so many great patterns

Eskimimi Knits – Colorful, fun, and she dyes such gorgeous yarns!

Leafgreenknits – Simple, clean, and sophisticated

Knitting With A “Y” – Gorgeous pictures, colorful adventures and beautiful knits

Brooklyn Tweed – Simple designs, clean lines, drool-worthy photos

Minimalist Knitter – This lovely lady lives and knits in a minimalist lifestyle, I could use some of that!

Picnic Knits – I started following this one recently, so far so good!

The Beauty of Life Through Fiber Arts – One of my online knitting friends, we’ve done collaborations together and she’s test knitting my Lady Sunshine Cardi now!

Rows Red – Beautiful spinning, great FO posts, gardening and fun 🙂

The Knitty Blog – You really should read this one if you don’t, its the blog companion to the wonderful Knitty Website!

Knitgrrl – The author of the recently released and totally amazing Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design!

How to Become a Professional Knitter – I wanna be a professional knitter!

Do you have any others you read?  Please Please share them in the comments! 😀

Making Progress

So the Max Suit has been taking a back seat to all of my other recent projects but Halloween is coming up and I need to finish the thing.  Not to mention, I really hate having a ton of UFOs happening, and this is a major UFO.  Note to self (and the rest of you have to hold me accountable for this!): Don’t take on MASSIVE custom orders just because you can.

“Can you make me a hat?”


“Ooh, can you make me a sweater?”


“Ooh Ooh! Can you make me a Superhero Suit?!”

“Sure thing dude”

That’s pretty much how that conversation happened.  And of course, just because I can make a customer or friend something, doesn’t mean I should.  These huge orders (multiples, afghans, Max Suits…etc) always take forever and eventually I just want the thing to be finished, which, ironically, does not give me the energy to actually finish them.  Does that happen to you?

More than Halfway Done...Must....Keep....Knitting....

Oh well, regardless, I am finishing the suit and I am actually enthused about it.  I’ve gotten a lot done in the past few days.  I finished the second leg and am working on both feet right now, then I’ll move onto the sleeves and knucks (fingerless mitts with a mitten flap) and I’ll have to add ears and find some fuzzy fabric for the tail.  Oh, and add a zipper.

It almost looks like a body!

It can be done and I hope it will be done by the time classes start back up! Or…shortly thereafter 🙂


I’m teaching my momma how to design her own knitwear today.  Do you design? Do you know how? Do you want to learn?

Doing Her Gauge Swatch

I’m thinking about possible futures for the whole “Teaching-to-Design” thing, maybe an E-book? Any interest in that? Hmm…lots of floating thoughts in my head.

Oh! And I should be getting my new computer today! Woohoo!!

A Recent Death

So, I don’t know how many of you heard, either in my Ravelry Group or on Twitter, but I had a recent death in the family.

Little Wooden Surgeons by littlewoodpeople

My old Dell Inspiron E1505 went in for surgery a few weeks ago to try and help with his narcolepsy but tragically died on the operating table.

The doctors did everything they could to fix him, but it just wasn’t meant to be.  Since then, I have been hijacking Matt’s computer while he’s at work but all of my documents, patterns, spreadsheets, and important things are still on the dead computer.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to conduct a heart-drive transplant soon so that I can retrieve all of those things, and I do have a new computer on order.

Laptop Charms from nicoledebruin

And yes, this is a double post from my other blog.  I thought it would be ok to post it both places because I don’t know that anyone actually reads both…except maybe my mom.  *Hi Momma!* (Does anyone else read both of them?  It would be kinda useful information…)