NY Cardigan in VA

So, as I said last week, I went to a wedding in Virginia this weekend!  It was my goal to finish the NY Sweater before we left so that I could wear it to said wedding and I accomplished my goal 😀  So here are some better pictures of it, on a model not flat and blocking on a table.

Getting Dressed for the Event
The Back View

What do you all think?  I told you it was pretty long on a shorter person but everyone loves it and most of my cardigans are short so its nice to have variety in my closet.

Love the Sleeve Detail

Of course I had to take a small knitting project with me and I just knew that the yarn I got from Paris at La Drougerie (talked about here, check it out, it is *so* cool) would be the perfect triangle scarf.

I love this yarn sooo much! I wish I had gotten more of it

I’m blocking it now and will have completed project pictures and details tomorrow 😀


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