Delta Scarf

I mentioned yesterday that I was doing a little weekend/vacation knitting on the trip yea?  Here is my little creation:

Trying it out after blocking

I made this little triangle scarf out of some 100% alpaca in a fingering weight that I picked up in Paris and I canNOT express to you all how much I love this yarn.  I love the fact that it looks grey initially but if you get down into it, you can see blues, yellows and reds mixed in with the light grey.  I love the slight halo that the yarn gives off.    I love how lightweight the scarf is. I love…wait? what’s that?

lightweight, soft and warm

Oh, you see that, even after blocking, it is still attached to the little cake from which it came?  Ah, yea, about that, you see, I wasn’t quite sure if I would make the scarf just a smidge bigger or if I would frog it to become something else entirely.  The jury is still out, but I’m leaning toward making it a smidge bigger.  What do you all think?

almost perfect spine, another block and it should be good to go

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