Making Progress

So the Max Suit has been taking a back seat to all of my other recent projects but Halloween is coming up and I need to finish the thing.  Not to mention, I really hate having a ton of UFOs happening, and this is a major UFO.  Note to self (and the rest of you have to hold me accountable for this!): Don’t take on MASSIVE custom orders just because you can.

“Can you make me a hat?”


“Ooh, can you make me a sweater?”


“Ooh Ooh! Can you make me a Superhero Suit?!”

“Sure thing dude”

That’s pretty much how that conversation happened.  And of course, just because I can make a customer or friend something, doesn’t mean I should.  These huge orders (multiples, afghans, Max Suits…etc) always take forever and eventually I just want the thing to be finished, which, ironically, does not give me the energy to actually finish them.  Does that happen to you?

More than Halfway Done...Must....Keep....Knitting....

Oh well, regardless, I am finishing the suit and I am actually enthused about it.  I’ve gotten a lot done in the past few days.  I finished the second leg and am working on both feet right now, then I’ll move onto the sleeves and knucks (fingerless mitts with a mitten flap) and I’ll have to add ears and find some fuzzy fabric for the tail.  Oh, and add a zipper.

It almost looks like a body!

It can be done and I hope it will be done by the time classes start back up! Or…shortly thereafter 🙂

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