Travel and Knitting Blogs

Like I mentioned, I’m traveling today.  On my way to see my Uncle and Aunt who live in Asheville, NC.  So for you all today I wanted to share some of my favorite Knitting blogs.  I am always looking for more knitting blogs to read and I figured since I’m always asking for more, I should share the ones I read with my readers in case you haven’t seen them before 🙂

So here is my daily-read list, in no particular order:

Yarn Harlot – Who doesn’t read her? She’s phenomenal!

Winged Knits – She has so many great patterns

Eskimimi Knits – Colorful, fun, and she dyes such gorgeous yarns!

Leafgreenknits – Simple, clean, and sophisticated

Knitting With A “Y” – Gorgeous pictures, colorful adventures and beautiful knits

Brooklyn Tweed – Simple designs, clean lines, drool-worthy photos

Minimalist Knitter – This lovely lady lives and knits in a minimalist lifestyle, I could use some of that!

Picnic Knits – I started following this one recently, so far so good!

The Beauty of Life Through Fiber Arts – One of my online knitting friends, we’ve done collaborations together and she’s test knitting my Lady Sunshine Cardi now!

Rows Red – Beautiful spinning, great FO posts, gardening and fun 🙂

The Knitty Blog – You really should read this one if you don’t, its the blog companion to the wonderful Knitty Website!

Knitgrrl – The author of the recently released and totally amazing Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design!

How to Become a Professional Knitter – I wanna be a professional knitter!

Do you have any others you read?  Please Please share them in the comments! 😀

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