Trip Knitting

So we arrived safe and sound and completely exhausted from our more than 12 hour trip from New Mexico to North Carolina.  The knitting that I brought with me at the beginning of the trip had a sudden re-birth half way through, photos of that new life to be shared later 🙂

Cotton Mills Studios

Today we went exploring, I got to see my Uncle’s studio in the Cotton Mills Studios building which is shared by a number of artists including painters, potters and fiber artists.

Skip's studio, inspiring place no?

Then we cruised down the road to the Biltmore Village area and stopped in some cute shops and, of course, browsed around Yarn Paradise.

Oh My Gosh This Place is Wonderful!

We ended up going in this store 3 (yes, three!) times.  We looked while we were waiting for a seat at the Corner Kitchen (the same restaurant that President Obama visited when he was down here) then again after lunch and once more after looking through some other shops in the area.

While we were browsing, my Aunt saw a sample of the Lucy Bag by Two Old Bags which she fell in love with and I told her that I could make her one of her very own if she’d like.  She’d like.  I helped her pick out some yarns to make it with and we ended up with some Noro Silk Garden and Cascade 220 in some gorgeous fall colors that will look great in the coming seasons.

The Lucy Bag

My goal is to have this bag done by the time we leave, think I can do it? (Why have I been setting speed-knitting goals for myself lately?)

Here's Where We Are So Far...

More adventures await us today so I’ll talk to you all later!

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