Citron for Mom

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I told you yesterday that I was making a Citron for my mom, identical to the one I made for myself.  Today I finally got a chance to take some photos of it, do you know how difficult it is to photograph red? It’s so hard!

Citron Numero Dos

And here is the cocoon of yarn I’m knitting it from 🙂

A Beautiful Butterfly Will Emerge!

This version of Citron won’t be *exactly* like the one I made, for instance I’ve had to work on it during class when I left the printed pattern in my other notebook so I’m kind of winging it, trying to do the increases in a way that seems reasonable.  If it turns out awful or misshapen, I’ll give my mom the first version, I don’t want to give her something sub-par.

I Think This Photo Shows The Real Color Of The Yarn Best

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