Finally Introducing the Pagosa Mitts!

The hat pattern came out ages ago, and now the matching mitts are here too!

customizable length, one size fits most 😀

I love this set, each piece is so versatile but they also go well together.

The subtle spiral, the simple shape

Not to mention the yarn used!  The lovely LylianMae spun up some gorgeous gorgeous yarn specifically for this project and she’ll have kits available for purchase that will include one or both patterns and the required amounts of yarn, how cool is that?  She is definitely one of the nicest ladies to work with and I sincerely appreciate all of her help!

the accompanying hat

Interested in making your own Pagosa Set?  You can purchase patterns for the hat and mitts separately on Etsy or on Ravelry or you can purchase them as a set for discounted price 🙂

WIP: Only…Not Really In Progress Anymore….

I had planned for this scarf to be my WIP for today, but there was one little hiccup in my plan in that I finished it yesterday….So I’m going to pretend like its still a WIP just for today ok?

Ok. Great 🙂

Here it is!

Happy Crayon Colors

I am absolutely, 100%, completely head-over-heels in love with this scarf.

You can almost see the "soft" emanating virtually can't you?

I love the colors, I love the texture of the simple garter stitch, I love the long fringe,  Not to mention how exquisitely soft it is.  I pulled out a variety of colors I could find in very soft merino, wool and wool blends and let me tell you this scarf hasn’t left my neck! (Its over-airconditioned in the buildings, outside is still 90 degrees, don’t judge).

light and airy and warm and perfect

Suri Merino

After a frisbee game, I came home to this on my doorstep.

I had to force myself to stop fondling it long enough to take this shot

Aren’t you jealous? You should be! Three balls of Plymouth Yarn’s Suri Merino (Ravelry link) in one of the most beautiful grey/blue colors I’ve ever seen!  My friend had gotten them for me for my birthday and she did a great job picking the colors 🙂

I want a llama like that one, Lisa would have a friend!

Now I’m trying to find something fun to make with them, I only have 3 skeins, so about 330 yds.  What do you think I should make?  It’ll definitely be something just for me (I have a hard time sharing anyway hehe).

FO Friday

So this little project has actually been “complete” for about a week now, but I lost my darn darning needle and he didn’t actually get eyes until yesterday, so he’s really complete!

Have you ever seen such a handsome elephant?

I tested the pattern by TheByrdsNest because, hey, I love elephants.  Who doesn’t need more of them around?

Walter? Pears? Name?

Matt thinks he should keep the name Pears, after the pattern, but I’m not sure he looks like a Pears.  Maybe a Walter.  What do you think?

WIP Wednesday

I know I just did a WIP post on Monday, but today I have different WIPs!  And its WIP Wednesday, so why not participate right?

Not having any on-going projects small enough to truck with me to class yesterday, I asked Matt what he thought I should take and he picked out these colors.

Blue Brown and a Multi-color

I’ve started a little seed stitch scarf which I’m not entirely in love with, but Matt likes it so I suppose I’ll keep going for a little while longer and see if I start to like it.

I wish the brown were a tad softer

What are you working on today?

Needle Gauges

Every knitter has a needle gauge.  Every knitter except this one.  I was browsing around Etsy this weekend looking at the various gauges out there and I always see those simple square gauges, but these fun shapes definitely made me smile 🙂

The bamboo sheep gauge from Girlontherocks is so totally cute! I also like the small, one-inch ruler at the bottom to help you check your gauge.


I love the wide range of sizes the Llotis Wooden needle gauge from LladyLlamaFiberCo, not to mention the adorable llama shape.

I pronounce this shop "YadyYamaFiberCo" because the double "L" is always a "y" sound

Karatstix offers a wide variety of gauges in her shop.  I really appreciate the practicality of the Alpaca Meadow Delux Bamboo Needle Gauge, a range of sizes and two different rulers: one in inches and one in centimeters.  I also really like her Palm Tree Gauge, how cute!

I could have 5 llamas without actually having 5 llamas!

The hand-shaped gauge from Succaplokki is also a unique and interesting needle gauge and wouldn’t be so cool to own something that came from Finland?

Halt! Check your gauge before you pass.

Check out these other super cool gauges: a Stegosaur, a gauge pendant, an owl,  and little people!

WIP: Racing Stripes

A friend of mine asked for a beanie with vertical racing stripes.  Blue and white.  Although vertical stripes aren’t the easiest, quickest stripes to achieve, I always enjoy a challenge and love seeing happy receivers!

Zoom Zoom!

I decided to knit the hat flat because of the colorwork and stranding, I’m still engineering the decreases in my head so that the white stripes won’t change shape, width or direction but I think I’ve got it mostly figured out.

Isn't that some gorgeous stranding and colorworking?

Hopefully the hat will be done soon and will get an FO post!

I Am Guilty Of

It goes everywhere with me

I am guilty of:

  • taking this post idea from theurchiness
  • spending time reading blogs when I should be doing homework
  • taking too many pictures
  • going to the thrift store at least once a week
  • swerving my scooter all around the road just because its fun
  • over-thinking just about everything, I need to relax
  • knitting in class (hey, it helps me pay attention at least)
  • wanting more pets even though its not plausible for me to have more

What are you guilty of?