Needle Gauges

Every knitter has a needle gauge.  Every knitter except this one.  I was browsing around Etsy this weekend looking at the various gauges out there and I always see those simple square gauges, but these fun shapes definitely made me smile 🙂

The bamboo sheep gauge from Girlontherocks is so totally cute! I also like the small, one-inch ruler at the bottom to help you check your gauge.


I love the wide range of sizes the Llotis Wooden needle gauge from LladyLlamaFiberCo, not to mention the adorable llama shape.

I pronounce this shop "YadyYamaFiberCo" because the double "L" is always a "y" sound

Karatstix offers a wide variety of gauges in her shop.  I really appreciate the practicality of the Alpaca Meadow Delux Bamboo Needle Gauge, a range of sizes and two different rulers: one in inches and one in centimeters.  I also really like her Palm Tree Gauge, how cute!

I could have 5 llamas without actually having 5 llamas!

The hand-shaped gauge from Succaplokki is also a unique and interesting needle gauge and wouldn’t be so cool to own something that came from Finland?

Halt! Check your gauge before you pass.

Check out these other super cool gauges: a Stegosaur, a gauge pendant, an owl,  and little people!


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