FO Friday

So this little project has actually been “complete” for about a week now, but I lost my darn darning needle and he didn’t actually get eyes until yesterday, so he’s really complete!

Have you ever seen such a handsome elephant?

I tested the pattern by TheByrdsNest because, hey, I love elephants.  Who doesn’t need more of them around?

Walter? Pears? Name?

Matt thinks he should keep the name Pears, after the pattern, but I’m not sure he looks like a Pears.  Maybe a Walter.  What do you think?

7 thoughts on “FO Friday

  1. Love the look of this guy!

    How do you anchor his eyes? I recently completed an elephant with eyes as well. To secure them, I pulled my darning needle through a point as far from the eyes as possible, pulled the yarn tight and cut (so that it would spring back into the project). Maybe there is a better way though?

  2. Found you through the FO Friday link list : )
    Your elephant is comletely adorable! I’ve never knit toys before but I just might have to make this one. I really like the colors you chose.

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