WIP: Only…Not Really In Progress Anymore….

I had planned for this scarf to be my WIP for today, but there was one little hiccup in my plan in that I finished it yesterday….So I’m going to pretend like its still a WIP just for today ok?

Ok. Great 🙂

Here it is!

Happy Crayon Colors

I am absolutely, 100%, completely head-over-heels in love with this scarf.

You can almost see the "soft" emanating virtually can't you?

I love the colors, I love the texture of the simple garter stitch, I love the long fringe,  Not to mention how exquisitely soft it is.  I pulled out a variety of colors I could find in very soft merino, wool and wool blends and let me tell you this scarf hasn’t left my neck! (Its over-airconditioned in the buildings, outside is still 90 degrees, don’t judge).

light and airy and warm and perfect

6 thoughts on “WIP: Only…Not Really In Progress Anymore….

  1. That scarf is really pretty. It’s funny, back home up north, the ac in stores during the summer can turn you blue. Down here in the desert it seems to be just right. Or I could just be grateful to get out of the heat.

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