Can You Guess What These Are?




two different materials....

Elephant feet?

Not that either, good guess.

they kinda look like boots...

If you guessed the hand-sewn soles of the Max Suit then you are correct! DingDingDing!


I can’t show you the rest of the suit yet, but these are some teaser photos for you 😉


I was browsing through my Etsy Favorites this morning and had to wipe some drool off my chin after seeing these beautiful, colorful fibers:

I would love to see a real Alpaca Rainbow

From YarnbyAshleyB, the Handspun Alpaca Rainbow

FAB-ulous! (said in a high pitch with lots of inflection)

From Fabulosity, the Fabubatt No. 2

I’m really feeling all of the bright colors, probably to ward away the cold weather that has finally decided to grace Southern New Mexico.  Yes, it does get cold here, I promise, it just happens a lot later and for a shorter time period than anywhere else.  Although I like fall, I wasn’t entirely prepared for its arrival and I’m clinging the flip flops and snowcones of summer.


I want to apologize to all of my wonderful readers for being MIA for a long while now.  Things in my personal life have gotten a bit hectic and I’ve been in a sort of slump lately, but I promise to come back to the blogging world and share my knitting and life adventures with you soon!  Maybe this afternoon, maybe tomorrow, either way, I *will* be back, blogging, right here in this space 🙂

In the mean time, say hello to my little brown caterpillar friend, we met a few weeks ago and by now I hope he has become a beautiful bird-sized butterfly (bird-sized because he’s so freaking huge!)

One leetle caterpillar in a big bad world


WIP Wednesday: More Christmas Presents

I know I’ve been absent lately, and I apologize, life has been………interesting.  Yea. Interesting.  Anyways, I finally forced myself to start knitting again (yes, forced.  Sometimes you just get in a life-funk and you don’t even want to do what makes you happy, you know? So yea, I *forced* myself to knit, and now I feel much about it, thanks 🙂 ) and here is what I’m working with:


vintage yarn found at the thrift store


I’ll give you a hint, its very similar to last week’s WIP only a teensy bit bigger.  So, that means that I can’t actually tell you what it is, since its Christmas knitting and the recipient may or may not read this blog.  But you are welcome to drool over the Noro through the screen 🙂


now, wipe that drool off your chin!

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WIP Wednesdays: Starting the Christmas Knitting

I’ve decided to start my Christmas knitting this week, specifically with these projects:

funny shapes, purty colors

I can’t tell you exactly what they are because the recipient might read this blog 😉 But lets just say that they are working up quickly and easily, and. There will be two of them!

What Could It Be?

What are you working on this week?  If you want to participate, check out Tami’s Amis!

New to the Shop

I have some new knits coming to the shop this week, namely this deep sapphire blue lacy slouch (the pattern for which can be found here)

Such Deep Rich Colors

And this amazingly soft sapphire, lime and cream scarf

Can you feel the "soft" emanating from the photo?

Both are super soft, knit from wool blends, merino and the scarf even has some *cashmere* so they are some amazing, luxurious accessories for a lucky fall wearer.

What have you been knitting up lately?  Is it cold in your neck of the woods yet?