WIP Wednesday: More Christmas Presents

I know I’ve been absent lately, and I apologize, life has been………interesting.  Yea. Interesting.  Anyways, I finally forced myself to start knitting again (yes, forced.  Sometimes you just get in a life-funk and you don’t even want to do what makes you happy, you know? So yea, I *forced* myself to knit, and now I feel much about it, thanks 🙂 ) and here is what I’m working with:


vintage yarn found at the thrift store


I’ll give you a hint, its very similar to last week’s WIP only a teensy bit bigger.  So, that means that I can’t actually tell you what it is, since its Christmas knitting and the recipient may or may not read this blog.  But you are welcome to drool over the Noro through the screen 🙂


now, wipe that drool off your chin!

Want to participate in WIP Wednesdays? Head on over to Tami’s Amis to find out how!


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: More Christmas Presents

  1. I love looking at yarn, even if on a computer screen. ❤ I've never thought to look at thrift stores for vintage yarn! What a great idea!

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