Leafgreen Handmade

I followed Linda back when she used to blog, I loved reading about her knitting and spinning adventures, and now I follow her Etsy shop, drooling over the yarns and the photographs.

Wipe your chin, I see that moisture

And I thought it might be nice of me to share her works with you 🙂 (you can thank me later, when your yarn stash is so luxurious and full of handspun yarns that y0u simply can’t shove another skein in there, but you’re going to try anyway).

I just wanna smoosh it!

Who are some of your favorite handspun yarn suppliers?

Swatching Turned Into Knitting

Remember that swatching I was telling you about?  I’ve started working on the garment and lets just say that I’m super excited about it 😀

What could it be?

Can you guess what it is?  I’m sure its not all that difficult, but I can’t show you too much right now, as there’s not much to show.  Hopefully this will all change in the near future and I’ll have a completed project to share!

Blue Gray? Gray Blue? Blue Gray.

And I must say, I love this yarn.  The color is changing as I knit it, in the balls it looks like a gray blue, but when I knit it up, the blue is really shining through and making the project into something different!


I got some time yesterday in between baking loads of pie and my school work to do some swatching.

A small moment of relaxation

Its with Plymouth Yarn Suri Merino (the same stuff that I found on my doorstep back here) and its knitting up so perfectly! What could it be? A new cardigan? Some wrist warmers? A scarf? Hat?

You’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving to those in the United States!

That Custom Order and Some Newer Knitting

Remember those hats I was concerned about back here?  I decided to talk to the customer and he said to just finish the second hat as best I could, they don’t need to be completely identical.  So you know what? That’s what I did.

And I stopped stressing about the imperfection of it all.

Imperfection breeds beauty, no?

So here is a picture of the first hat, post blocking (the second is blocking now), and let me just say how much I love these hats and this yarn after being blocked, it really loosens up the stitches, they are much softer and not quite as stiff.

Soft and slouchy

I’ve now started working on another scarf similar to this wonderful colorful one I knit a while back and decided to keep for myself, the new one is definitely going into the shop:

Pretty Pretty Pretty

Here’s a sneak peak into my knitting bag (or one of them at least hehe).

A Little Bag O' Magic

What are you working on these days?


It’s no secret I’m a long time fan of WeeOnes and her leetle stitch markers.  I was browsing through my Favorites today and saw that she had some miniature Hedgies in stock!

A Prickle of 3

I’m not sure how long she’s been making these, but they’re new to me and oh-so-cute. How could you resist?

All curled up and trying to stay warm

They remind me of this adorable and famous little picture:

What a cute wittle baby hedgie! (to be read aloud with your lips in the pucker position)

I Would Rather Be Knitting

But right now (‘right now’ referring to the past few weeks and probably the next week or two) I have so much school work and work work to do 😦 I’m even at the library right now taking a 5 minute break from homework and studying.

What I'd like to be doing on top, and what I'm actually doing on bottom

I’ve been steadily working on those matching grey and turquoise hats, although I think I’ll run out of yarn before the second hat is finished.  Which puts me in every knitter’s worst predicament – do I find a decent substitute and finish the hat? I can’t find the yarn for sale anywhere online (its Silenzio by Schachenmayr Nomotta, in a darkish grey color) and there are no ‘for sale or trade’ stashed skeins according to Ravelry.  I suppose I could always talk to the customer and tell him the situation, find other yarns and make two new matching hats…I’ll keep you informed.

What have you been knitting lately?


The Epic Adventure as reached its climactic conclusion.  The Max Suit is finally complete, and not a moment too soon.  Because of recent events, I was thrown into a funk and didn’t knit for over a month.  Not a stitch.  And seeing as to how this suit needed to be completed for Halloween, this lack of knitting was a massive problem.

Humble Beginnings

It came down to a situation in which I told my friend that there is a chance his suit wouldn’t be finished on time. And you know what he said?

“I’ll wear it one-armed, that’s cool.”

I’ll wear it one-armed, that’s cool.

This statement alone gave me the drive and determination to knit an entire arm in a single day, complete with the distractions of grocery shopping, working and moving some.

Sorry for the horrible picture quality

The result? A finished Max Suit. A hood, two legs, two soles, two arms. An adult-sized pair of footie-pajamas, basically.

Every Stitch Counts

We made a tail out of garland and found some bunny ears to put on top (Kind of lame, but totally cost- and time-efficient)

I bought 15 skeins of Berroco Vintage (Ravelry link) and ended up using a smidge less than 13, so I’ve got two full balls that I can use for other projects.  I’m going to call this yarn estimation a success, given the size of the project. There are more Ravelry details here.

This is the biggest project I have completed to date, and I am so glad I did.  It was the experience of a lifetime and I am proud of it.  What are you’re epic projects?  How did you feel during the process and after?

WIP Wednesday

I’m knitting again!  Woo!  I’m also making some other changes that can be found over here, should you be interested in learning about those.

This week I’m working on two matching slouchy hats based on the Chunky Grey Alpaca Slouch in my shop.  Here’s the start:

Can you see the soft?

It feels good to be knitting again.  I had some heavy inner struggle about whether to participate in NaKniSweMo or not, but decided that I probably shouldn’t.  I have so much going on with classes and my other jobs (yes, I have 3 jobs, its too much sometimes).  Regardless, I really hope to be knitting and designing sweaters again, I have so many ideas for them!

What are you working on this Wednesday?  Let us all know over on Tami’s blog!