I Would Rather Be Knitting

But right now (‘right now’ referring to the past few weeks and probably the next week or two) I have so much school work and work work to do 😦 I’m even at the library right now taking a 5 minute break from homework and studying.

What I'd like to be doing on top, and what I'm actually doing on bottom

I’ve been steadily working on those matching grey and turquoise hats, although I think I’ll run out of yarn before the second hat is finished.  Which puts me in every knitter’s worst predicament – do I find a decent substitute and finish the hat? I can’t find the yarn for sale anywhere online (its Silenzio by Schachenmayr Nomotta, in a darkish grey color) and there are no ‘for sale or trade’ stashed skeins according to Ravelry.  I suppose I could always talk to the customer and tell him the situation, find other yarns and make two new matching hats…I’ll keep you informed.

What have you been knitting lately?

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