That Custom Order and Some Newer Knitting

Remember those hats I was concerned about back here?  I decided to talk to the customer and he said to just finish the second hat as best I could, they don’t need to be completely identical.  So you know what? That’s what I did.

And I stopped stressing about the imperfection of it all.

Imperfection breeds beauty, no?

So here is a picture of the first hat, post blocking (the second is blocking now), and let me just say how much I love these hats and this yarn after being blocked, it really loosens up the stitches, they are much softer and not quite as stiff.

Soft and slouchy

I’ve now started working on another scarf similar to this wonderful colorful one I knit a while back and decided to keep for myself, the new one is definitely going into the shop:

Pretty Pretty Pretty

Here’s a sneak peak into my knitting bag (or one of them at least hehe).

A Little Bag O' Magic

What are you working on these days?

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