Get To Know Me

  • I love tea and drink copious amounts of it everyday
I may have more tea in my body than blood
  • I painted my fingernails a color for the first time in my adult life on Saturday
  • They’re gunmetal gray
  • The sun is blinding me right now, mostly in the left eye
  • I bought a car a week ago, I haven’t had a car in a year and a half
  • Her name is Shirley Temple – she’s a redhead with freckles in the form of minor pock marks caused by a small hail storm
  • My scooter, Daisy, has been my mode of transportation
  • I love taking pictures

    this is my mom knitting, I ❤ her 🙂
  • I love knitting
  • I think I’m going to pull out some Christmas knitting now…

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