And The Heat Is On

Who’s still Christmas knitting?

Me, me, me!

Granted, I only have two projects on needles right now that need to be done as Christmas gifts, a little sweater for my nephew which needs to be done by Thursday (that’s tomorrow, in case you were wondering) and another present that should be done next week sometime (so there’s not really a crazy rush on that one).

Wanna see how far along on the sweater I am? I thought so.

A leetle more than halfway done...

I started this guy Monday afternoon and only got a few rows done.  Yesterday most of what you see here happened in between having fun with my momma.

I’m loosely following the Easy Baby Sweater pattern by Diane Soucy.  Loosely in the sense that I’m using larger yarn and needles than the pattern calls for and am still trying to knit a size between the newborn and 6 months.  So far so good.

I get to see my nephew tomorrow for lunch and want to be able to hand over the sweater to his parents and maybe coerce them into putting it on him so i can sneak a few photos…? Maybe?

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6 thoughts on “And The Heat Is On

  1. I’m joining the ” still Christmas knitting” club too! You made a lot of progress with just one day of dedicated knitting. I’m sure it will be done in time. It is looking really cute so far.

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