Another Mystery Knit

So the sweater was finished in time!  Yay for speed knitting!  However, I did not get any pictures of the munchkin in it, maybe tomorrow when they open the present, they’ll send me some, whaddya think?

Anyways, in other knitting news, lets see if we can figure out what this specimen is?

She seems calm, unafraid...

I found it lurking in its natural habitat: a warm, welcoming lap where it was being dutifully cared for and raised.

What will she grow into?

What do you think it will be when it grows up? Sock yarn, tiny needles, socks? No. This is something different.


Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays!  I hope you all have a wonderful time doing whatever it is that you’re going to do and I’ll be back next week 😀

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