2011 Knitting and a Necktie

I won’t be doing a massive recap of all of my 2010 knitting, and you know why?

Because I didn’t document it well enough.

So! You know what that means?

Yup, I’ll be documenting my 2011 knitting much better.  I’m going to Ravel everything, I may even revive my Flickr feed again.  (Probably not, that’s just another website that takes up a lot of time :/ but I can dream right?)

Empathy for the Hempathy, if at first you don't succeed...cast on again

In the mean time, I did eventually start that necktie I told you about.  I cast on for it yesterday and had oh, about 9 false starts trying to get the point perfect, and the texture, and the width and all that great stuff.  Now, its well on its way to being the perfect necktie for my friend Wesley.

Pictures? No, no, those’ll come tomorrow for WIP Wednesday 🙂

How do you document your knitting?  I need advice and ideas haha

One thought on “2011 Knitting and a Necktie

  1. I use Ravelry to document mine. Everything I knit is on there, and every yarn I buy. 🙂 I started using Rav when I first REALLY started knitting…so there wasn’t much stash at the time to catalog.

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