Yarn Diet 2011

Remember back here when I mentioned my yarn stash?  I noticed over on Tami’s Amis that she and a few other cool ladies are doing a Yarn Diet for the next 5 months, how cool is that?

I’m going to try to participate.

There, its been said finite and out loud (as well as on the keyboard). The rules are that you can’t buy yarn more than 5 times in the next five months except for a few special cases and if you just so happen to use up half of your stash in that time.

I went and counted and photographed all* of my yarn the other day. I started with the shelves in my room.  Didn’t seem so bad.  Then I remembered the closet at the end of the hall….and those drawers over there…and maybe that bag…and…you see where this is going.

Wanna see what I’m workin with?

To start you off today we have some lovely appetizers: the purples and pinks, reds, greens, and whites and creams from my stash.

makes your mouth water doesn't it?

Next up we’re offering some scrumptious blues, blacks, browns and of course the yellows and oranges hiding in there.

I don't know about you, but I just want to dig in!

And now I’m sure you all wanna know what the magic number is huh?

Want to guess first? No?

Ok, its:

1+4+36+16+...+4 = 250?!

I know right? Its a lot.  And I don’t know that I’ll be able to knit through half of it in 5 months, especially with school, but this Diet should help me from adding to it and making my inevitable move more difficult than necessary.

* – “all” was defined very loosely for the purposes of my sanity

8 thoughts on “Yarn Diet 2011

  1. I daren’t count mine, and I’ve just been to the John Lewis sale and added to it too! I would like to join in the diet but I know I am too weak. I am just going to make more of an effort to shop from my stash for a while.

  2. Go for it! I don’t have that much yarn, but I do have a small stash. Buying yarn is one of the bigger joys in my life, so I know how hard it will be! Good luck 🙂

  3. Holy yarn balls! That’s a whole lotta yarn! I’m jealous. I want more yarn. I don’t think I can participate in this diet. Must. buy. yarn. now…

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