Way Back When…

Remember wwwaaayyy back in November and I shared this post?

From Humble Beginnings

I’m still working on that there project, its slow going, but that’s fine with me because I want it to turn out right.  Its nice to have something to fall back on between Christmas gifts and custom orders, and this yarn is so luxurious and wonderful that its always a treat to work on the project.

Here’s what the beast is growing into:

Mmm basketweave

I was a tad worried about running out of yarn and so I decided to go ahead and get some more.  I ended up deciding to purchase two more balls of the Plymouth Suri Merino rather than just one, and so I will count it as 1 of my 5 Yarn Diet purchases for the next 5 months.

Oh, and speaking of the Yarn Diet, did you see over there ———->

In my side bar I’ve put a little counter so I can show you what I started with and what I currently have.  And yes, the number did jump from 250 to 260 because I found another bag of yarn that I had forgotten to count….don’t judge.  Its a problem.

I’ve overcome the first step, admitting it.

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