Get To Know Me 2

  • I love wine
  • When I open wine bottles, I hold the corkscrew on the top of the bottle with my right hand whilst twisting the bottlewith my left hand – the corkscrew remains stationary

    I normally drink red, but sometimes you just need a white
  • I tweaked my right shoulder a few days ago and now I’ve barely been able to use my right arm
  • I’m right handed
  • If I keep my knitting in my lap and don’t lift it up to look at it, it doesn’t hurt
  • I don’t own a brush
  • Nor a comb
  • I don’t buy myself bath or shower products other than shampoo, facewash and razors because I feel that the rest would be self-indulgent
  • But secretly, I really wish I had nice body wash, moisturizer, exfoliant, etc.
  • Even though I may not know how, or have the time, to use them

3 thoughts on “Get To Know Me 2

  1. I totally know the feeling of not being able to use your knitting arm! I hurt my shoulder last summer and had to find some pretty creative ways to knit too!

    Brushes are overrated….

  2. Ooooo I love wine too!!! Have you ever had any by Cline Vineyards out of California???

    And I have to be nosey…HOW do you…de-knot your hair without a comb or brush??

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