1 Month of Yarn Diet: Complete

My stats:

Skeins used in the month of January: 13
Total skein count left: 249
Total FOs completed in January: 6 (a tie, a sweater, 2 pandas, 2 bags) ((oh and I added a new widget over there —–> so you I can better track my FOs this year))
Total yarn purchases in January: 1
Total purchase remaining: 4

I know the numbers above don’t exactly make too much sense (you used 13 balls but still have 249 left? what’s that about?) and I’ll explain that more tomorrow.

I’m very excited about tracking how many FOs I have this year, most other knitters do this but its something that I’ve never tried before, I usually just finish a project and that’s that.  I have no idea how many projects I finished in 2010, and I wish I did.  This year, I’m going to change that!

Hop on over to Tami’s blog to see how the other Yarn Dieters are doing!

4 thoughts on “1 Month of Yarn Diet: Complete

  1. Wow that’s quite a quota of yarn from the stash this month. Well done. I never thought about tracking FO in a year. I have no idea of how many I have done either. I might try and keep a tally too.

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