Dentists: The New Jedis

As you know from my post yesterday, I spent Monday morning at the Dentist’s office.  A cleaning and minor oral surgery is great way to start off the week, no?

So what exactly is a frenectomy anyways?

Well, let me tell you.  You know that little thing that attaches your lip to your gums?  You have a few of them, but the main ones are in the front, on the top and the bottom.  Evidently, (this is what they tell me, at least) mine was quite a bit stronger than necessary and everytime I used my mouth for my entire life, its been slowly pulling my gum down and down and down, away from my tooth.

A few weeks ago it started to feel like I had a scratch on my gum, and it turns out that the gum had started to pull away from the muscle too.  Not good.  I could lose my tooth.

But alas!  The Dentist Jedi Council intervened on my behalf, took a tiny little laser lightsaber and cut away my little body builder sith lord of a frenulum.

Is this battle over?  Heck no, of course not.  I’ve gotta go back in two weeks to have a graft too.  Then a week after that to remove the stitches.  Then again to make sure its all healing properly.

Until then, I’m channeling my inner Marlon Brando and stuffing gobs of gauze in my jowls to look like an Italian mafia don, think I can pull it off?

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