Day Four: Where Are They Now?

Welcome to Day Four!  Today’s prompt asks that we contemplate the fate of a past knitting project.

Which project to choose?  Hmm….This is a tough one.

This hat was a custom order from a friend a few years ago (….2008 maybe?).  She wanted a lacy, orange earflap beanie with a turquoise mohawk.

Where or where has this little hat gone?

And that’s what she got.

Why did I pick this project to talk about?  Because although I’m not sure where the hat is today I do know that it went on many an adventure.  Adventures that I hope to go on someday, including a trip to Burning Man.

My adventures are not few and far between, and I don’t think that the adventures of my knits should be either.

Day Three: Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches

Welcome to Day Three!  Today’s topic is about how we organize some aspect of our knitting.

There are a lot of organizational things going on with my knitting paraphernalia:

  1. my yarn is typically arranged by color

    The "Set-Up" in my old house
  2. my straight needles are organized in this case by lenabrown
  3. my circular needles are all in ziplock bags organized by size (I took this method from my momma)
  4. my projects on Ravelry are now being organized by year, like I mentioned yesterday

So, although to the untrained eye my stash, my space and my supplies might seem haphazard, they are an organized kind of chaos 😀

Day Two: Skill + 1UP

Welcome to Day 2!  Today’s prompt was to write about something we’ve learned about knitting, a new technique, etc over the past year.

Just recently I decided to try and organize my Ravelry projects (which is by no means all of my knitting projects, sometimes I get lazy and don’t get around to posting new things) according to the year in which they were created.

This came in handy for today’s prompt and I think its quite convenient that the universe does things like this on occasion.

I can’t put my finger on any one skill that I’ve learned over the past year because I learn new things all the time whilst knitting.  I teach myself more efficient techniques for weaving in ends, or knitting lace in the movie theater, making the most out of my gauge and better ways to cable.

knitted those lace panels whilst watching Inception in theaters

One of the most improved upon aspects of my knitting has been my designing though, I would have to say.  I’m learning more efficient ways to size, how to write instructions more clearly and how to market the patterns once they’ve been published.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings, what I learn and how I use the new knowledge!

Day One: A Tale of Two Yarns

Day One of KniCroBloWeek!  And yes, I do plan on writing out the numbers instead of typing in the digits because I think its pretty.

Today’s prompt is about picking two yarns worth talking about and I’m going to take the advice of Eskimimi and write about one that I love and one that I, well, don’t.

First: The Bad News

Chenille.  I hate chenille.  The only thing I like about chenille is how the word sounds when I say it.

The bane of my knitterly existence

Why do I loathe it so? Do you see all those little pieces of fiber twined together with plied thread?  That #$&% stuff gets all over everything, falls apart so easily and little fringies are then found everywhere.  Its worse than my dog’s hair, I swear.

fringie ninjas!!

Why do I have chenille if I hate it so much?  I was young once, a new knitter probably about ten years old and thought it was soft.  Soft. Yea, you read that right.  As a new knitter, the main things you focus on are color and softness. And so, this lowly little ball of chenille has been hopping about my stash for more than ten years and has yet to be used to completion because after I started using it, not even its softness could redeem the irritation that came with it.

Now, onto The Good News:

I spent quite some time trying to decide on my favorite yarn, and you know what?  It’s impossible to pick.  I don’t have a single favorite, they each have their time and place.

Yes there are some yarns I use more that others, and for certain rojects I wouldn’t dream of using this instead of that, but a single favorite?

Not happening.

So, a yarn I’ve been coveting?  Yes, I believe I can show you one of those.

Filatura Di Crossa Golden Line Superior

This yarn I got as a belated Christmas present and have yet to dig into. Because the yarn is so spectactularly soft and dainty, with the right color and halo, I want the project to be utterly perfect.

As awesome as some silk/cashmere panties would feel, I’m not sure that’s the route I should go with these…

WIP Wednesday: Something a Little Different

Welcome back for another WIP Wednesday!  Wanna find out more about them or how to join in?  Tami’s blog has all the details!

My WIP is a little different today than normal.  Instead of sharing my current knitting projects (because I have yet to take decent pictures of them) I’m going to share a Pattern in Progress!

The Scholarly Cardigan

What does that mean exactly?  Just that I’m finally in need of test knitters for the cardigan I showed you some time ago!  I meant to get the numbers in line ages ago, but in true school-form, classwork got in the way and I’ve had the time to sit down and figure out the math for the various sizes.

Interested in test-knitting for me?  Check out this thread in my Ravelry Group!

Knit and Crochet Blog Week

I’m sure that many of you have heard of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week that is organized by the talented and humorous Eskimimi, but just in case you didn’t you’ll want to follow the above link to find out more about it.

Why am I bringing it up?  I plan to participate, naturally.

It starts next week (convenient, because classwork might kill me this week and I’ll need the weekend to recouperate somewhat) and the idea is that you blog everyday for a week given certain prompts.

I’m very much looking forward to this little shindig and I hope to see you all participating!

Cheap and Easy

I like traveling.  I do, really.  I like going on roadtrips, flying to new locations and hopping a train to somewhere else.

I also appreciate punctuality and don’t like getting to the airport nice and early as per their suggestion only to find out that my flight has been delayed an hour.  These are precious moments that I could have spent with my friends but instead I was stuck in a noisy port watching the screen as my delay fluctuated between an hour, and hour and half, forty-five minutes and back.

Once we finally boarded, the flight attendants weren’t very nice and I had no knitting to keep my mind occupied.  What is usually a quick and enjoyable flight was nothing of the sort and I was irritated.

oh the things you'll see!

Right before we landed the flight attendants came through the cabin one more time and gave each and every passenger a warm chocolate chip cookie.

And the airline redeemed themselves.  I can be bought cheaply and easily, with cookies no less.

And no, I didn’t get a picture of the cookie, it didn’t last long enough to get my camera out.

Adventures in Denver and a Lack of Knitting

I flew up to Denver on Thursday and its been a whirl wind of a trip ever since!

Lots of hanging out with friends, a parade, tons of delicious food, going out for dancing and drinks, hot tubbing, and not a stitch of knitting.

sangria martini thingies

Because I didn’t want to check any bags, I only brought a single carry-on on the flight and couldn’t fit any knitting inside of it.  I hope to make it by my favorite yarn store Lamb Shoppe tomorrow to pick up a project for the ride home, but regardless I promise to update with knitting progress once I get back home!

it was a random parade, chinese dragons, storm troopers, darth vader, a saint bernard bus, make a wish foundation limos, pt cruiser club, and that was only 5 minutes of it!

WIP Wednesday: A Quick Start

Welcome to my quick WIP this week!  Wanna join in?  Skip on over to Tami’s blog to join it 🙂

mmm seeds

I started this hat this morning, its another rendition of the Scrappy Beanie only the customer wants some ear flaps attached so what you’re looking at is one of the ear flaps.  I hope to finish this up fairly quickly and will hopefully get to show it to you this week or next for FO Friday!

Now, back to studying for my midterms…

So Many Adventures!

The Trouble in Vegas Ultimate Frisbee tournament this weekend was such a huge success!  Even though there were problems with our registration and we weren’t placed in the right division, everyone still had a blast and no one got seriously injured.

A giant soccer ball sitting on a giant golf tee

I hope to be back to my normal blogging schedule-thing soon, but Spring Break is next week and I’ll be traveling again.  I promise to do my best and show you what knits I’ve been working on!  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a quick WIP in once I find where the knucks went…they got lost in my luggage somewhere I think.

Hmm….where did they go…….