Month 2 of Yarn Diet: Complete

My stats:

Skeins used in the month of February: 6
Total skein count left: 243
Total FOs completed in February: 6 (four hats, a shift knob cover, a pair of knucks)
Total yarn purchases in February: 0 (well, none that count towards my stash, I did have to order some yarn for a few custom orders I received)
Total purchase remaining: 4

My FO count isn’t very impressive this month, things have been really crazy busy with school and the rock climbing and ultimate frisbee-ing I’ve been doing.  I was out of town last Thursday through Sunday for a rock climbing competition and I’m leaving again this Friday through Sunday for an ultimate Frisbee tournament.  But I hope to use the driving time to crank out some more projects to share with you 🙂


2 thoughts on “Month 2 of Yarn Diet: Complete

  1. Apparently you didn’t read my stats if you think you’re are bad. LOL When I saw your numbers I was like WOW, she did amazing! So funny. You should be proud of all of the FOs you’ve completed!

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