Adventures in Denver and a Lack of Knitting

I flew up to Denver on Thursday and its been a whirl wind of a trip ever since!

Lots of hanging out with friends, a parade, tons of delicious food, going out for dancing and drinks, hot tubbing, and not a stitch of knitting.

sangria martini thingies

Because I didn’t want to check any bags, I only brought a single carry-on on the flight and couldn’t fit any knitting inside of it.  I hope to make it by my favorite yarn store Lamb Shoppe tomorrow to pick up a project for the ride home, but regardless I promise to update with knitting progress once I get back home!

it was a random parade, chinese dragons, storm troopers, darth vader, a saint bernard bus, make a wish foundation limos, pt cruiser club, and that was only 5 minutes of it!

One thought on “Adventures in Denver and a Lack of Knitting

  1. I know it’s kind of weird, but don’t you think sometimes it’s nice to go on vacation without yarn in tow?

    Glad you had fun on your trip and welcome back!

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