Month 3 of Yarn Diet: Complete

My stats:

Skeins used in the month of March: 0
Total skein count left: 243
Total FOs completed in March: 0
Total yarn purchases in March: 0
Total purchase remaining: 4

A benefit of having such dismal numbers for March?  I finished two projects on the first of April!  Many of my projects were >this< close to completion but as it didn’t happen in the month of March and rather on the first day of April, I didn’t feel it fair to count them here.  They’ll get a proper write-up in their own post, hopefully this week.

Knitting outside the other day, we were visited by a positive omen 🙂

My work-in-progress for the month was these knucks, which have since been completed (or at least the knitting portion was completed, there may be fabric lining and reinforcements added, but as of now, I’m counting them done).

I did not get nearly as much knitting as I normally do done this month, it was so busy with all of my weekend trips (this past weekend was the first that I’ve been home in over a month!) and all of my school nonsense, knitting definitely fell by the wayside.  April will bear much more knitted fruit!  (Maybe not “fruit” per se…but accessories and the like!)


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