Guess Where My Next Adventure Is!

Now, its no secret that I’ve been quite busy as of late.  Lots of out of town travel and adventurous things happening.  This trend will not be quitting anytime soon either!  This weekend is Spring Fling here at New Mexico Tech, which basically means a big party/event/sports/music weekend at the school.

And next weekend?  Where do you think I’ll be going then? Hmm?

Any guesses?


Ok, I’ll tell you.

Wait, are you sure there’s no more guesses?

Ok, ok, I’m really telling you.

Next weekend, I’m going….to…..

Betcha didn't see THAT coming!

Stitches South!!!

I’m flying out of New Mexico next Wednesday (yes, I’ll try my best to have some prescheduled blog posts, but we all know how busy I get sometimes…) and won’t be returning from a yarn-filled weekend in Atlanta until late on Sunday.

Is anyone else going to be there?  Has anyone ever been to a Stitches event?

This is my first one, I’m taking a load o’ classes and packing more knitting than clothes (I know I’m not the only one who plans out knitting projects more than outfits when it comes to traveling…) and…

I’m going with my favorite person in the whole world!

My Momma!  (Hi momma!)

So yes, be jealous 🙂 I would be if I were you 😉

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