WIP Wednesday: Something Colorful

I came down with some kind of nasty illness over the weekend and have been feeling very under the weather the past few days (I really do not have time for this, especially with finals and graduation!) so I’ve hardly had any knitting time, but I do have a small WIP to share with you today!

something secret, something colorful

I can’t really tell you much about this project as its kind of secret, but just as soon as it’s finished I promise to tell you all about it!  I’m using a bunch of scrap yarns in various colors, all about worsted weight to make this piece and I’m really excited with how its turning out so far 🙂

Want to share your own WIPs?  Click on over to Tami’s Blog to find out how!

3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Something Colorful

  1. I love the look of those Secret Stripes. (And I also love a good secret project, I can’t wait to see what this one is. And I hope you’re feeling better soon.)

  2. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. 😦 I hope you get better soon. I’m excited to see what you’re making! It’s so colorful so far!

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