Mail Goodies

I won a giveaway a while back on Kismet’s Companion and the package arrived just the other day!  Once I opened it, I noticed that the package didn’t smell like normal package, it smelled pretty good too.  Pulling out all of the wonderful contents, the scent was from two handmade bars of soap!

this one shows the color on the left the best 🙂

I also received two lovely skeins of yarn, a pink and white varigated baby dk and a burnt orange/cinnamon 100% merino from Colinette.  I’m thinking the Colinette will be a hat for me for the fall and I’m still working on the pink baby yarn, but  I have high hopes that it will be something awesome!

Oh, and the illness I mentioned yesterday: It’s strep :/  Hopefully it won’t incapacitate me too much, I must study for my final finals on Monday!

One thought on “Mail Goodies

  1. Hi Holly 🙂 Glad it got there eventually !
    The pink yarn was because it was April Fools’ – I saw on your Rav page how you just LOVE the color pink 😉 The Jitterbug was the closest I had to yellow – orangey rust was the most desert-y/Arizona color I had 🙂

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