WIP Wednesday: SCDD

Same Citron. Different Day.

I actually am very much enjoying the Citron because it allows me to hang out with my friends and engage in conversation and adventures with plenty of mindless stockinette but every few rows something new pops up and my attention is drawn back to the project again.  This will be the third Citron I’ve knit and probablydefinitely not the last.

Its been cloudy since I got up here, sorry for the less-than-colorful photo, although it does represent the colors fairly well...

Want to join in on the WIP Wednesday fun?  Tami’s blog has all the details!

6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: SCDD

  1. Actually it’s a very colorful photo, so bright & cheerful on what is a rainy day here too! I love that Citron pattern and I’ve made two so far. I haven’t quite worked up to knitting a 3rd one yet but probably someday! : )

  2. I envy your ability to pump out citron. The continuous stockinette would bore me to snores. =D There’s a crochet one coming out that I have hopes for, though.

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