Up and Down and Games!

Today (and this week, really) has been such a roller coaster.  I went to an open-ish interview yesterday, got called last night saying I’d gotten the job and given times over the next 5 days to attend training (yes, Saturday and Sunday training too).  I looked up the company today on Google to find out more about them and was immediately directed to two different articles on RipOffReport.com.  So, needless to say, that job isn’t happening.

Then I decided to drive around and try and find jobs locally by going into shops and coffee houses, restaurants, etc and was told at each and every one that they are at full staff and the only Help Wanted sign I saw was on a closed business.

Decided to keep looking for jobs online, applied for one for a boutique that will be opening nearby in July and literally, less than ten minutes later got a call from them asking for an interview on Tuesday.  So please cross your fingers that I get this much-needed job!

In other news, have you seen this new knitting game?

Last Knitter Standing

A game for knitting!  How cool is that?!

Sorry For My Absence!

Hello everyone!

I know it’s been a week since I last posted, but I have a good excuse.  I had company.  And then I decided to go on an impromptu five-day trip to Colorado Springs/Pike’s Peak/Garden of the Gods to do some camping, rock climbing, hiking and all sorts of other awesome adventures.

We saw some gorgeous sights including the sunrise from the top of Pike’s Peak

so pretty, so freezing

and Garden of the Gods at all hours of the day

there until dark, gorgeous the whole time

And of course I took my knitting:

sweater progress

Now its back to the job hunt and trying to be productive!  Have you been on any adventures recently?

FO Friday: Plaited, Braided and Opinionated

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I’m bringing you the orange hat I was working on and showed you last week!  The design is complete and its even ready for test knitters, so if you’re interested, please check out this thread in my Ravelry group to find out all the details and volunteer to test for me!

mmm squishy texture

I’m having a hard time deciding on which buttons to put on the hat so I figured I’d ask you, my dear blog readers, which buttons you like the most.

The Flowers:

pretty little white and green flowers

The Brass:

The brass section in this little orchestra

Thoughts? Opinions?

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The Knitting High

I love the high I get when I finish a knitting project.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I surely do get a high from it.  Everytime I finish a knitting project, no matter how complicated or easy it was, no matter if it took me months or hours to complete, I always get a rush after binding off the last stitch.

many different facets come together to create a whole

(Endorphin rush from having something new)^steroids of making it yourself + (endorphin rush from producing something) + (creative release) + (new, totally gorgeous product)*(new, totally functional product) = The Knitting High

every stitch counts

Just the high of finishing something amazing is enough to make me want to cast on right away for another project.  Sometimes this high is substantial enough to give a knitter Startitis, an infliction that causes one to cast on for multiple projects right away.  It’s like sucking a gobstopper, you get so sick of sucking on a piece of candy and maybe even get sugar burns on the roof of your mouth (no? just me? hmm….I don’t believe you) but once that small ball of sugar is gone, you pop another one right away because the ending was so sweet (pun intended).

soft, warm, refreshing,

What happens if I don’t knit?

My moods change.  I get irritable and down.  Depressed, anxious, short-tempered.  There was a time a few months ago where I was dealing with a lot of life-stuff and I went over a month without knitting.  A month.  Not only did this lack of knitting prove that I was dealing with heavy stuff, it fed into the cycle of depression and the more I didn’t knit, the more I felt depressed to the point of not knitting.

so many paths to choose from, so much creative freedom!

I didn’t talk too much about it here on the blog because, well, this blog is a happy space and I’m not going to talk about it much now except to tell you that once I did force myself to start knitting again, my whole world changed.  I started having the energy to go out and do things, to knit again and smile.  The more I knit, the better I felt, and the more I felt like knitting.  The cycle had reversed itself.

So, yea, knitting may be my addiction.  But you know what?  Its far from detrimental to my life, and I’m going to keep doing it.

So there.

WIP Wednesday: Christmas Knitting

Welcome to WIP Wednesday!

This week I’ve actually got three projects going, the two from last week and I’ve actually made progress on some Christmas knitting I may have mentioned a while back…

This sweater is finally on the needles and your eyes are now feasting on a good inch of the back.

yes, an inch counts as a feast

I’m going to share the progress of this sweater briefly here but as it is a gift for someone who may or may not read this blog, much of the details will be kept on Ravelry.

What are you knitting this week?  To check out more WIPs, hop on over to Tami’s blog!

Design Decisions

There comes a time (almost every time, probably) in each designer’s life when they are in the throws of creative genius and suddenly, they only have a vague idea of what they want.  Or they have a general idea but pinning down specifics is like tacking jello to a cork board.

In his latest post, The Male Knitter laments about making such design decisions. And just the other day I found myself in this same situation.

Remember that orange hat I was so excited about?  Well, once I got to the length I wanted for the brim, I hit a glass wall.  I knew what I wanted to see on the other side, sort of.  I had been staring at this wall for so long my breath smudged the glass I could no longer see the specifics of the pattern! Every time I wiped away the moisture, the picture was different, but the same.

Almost can't wait for fall, almost

I knew I wanted texture.  Cable-y texture.  Soft cables?  Hard cables?  Thin cables? Fat cables?

Design Decisions had to made.  And they were.  And the hat is on its way to completion.  (and will need test knitters soon, are you interested?)

WIP Wednesday: A few new things

Welcome to WIP Wednesday everyone!

I actually have some new projects to show you, both are coming designs and both are so far phenomenal and hard to put down.

The first:

small teaser photo

Two strands of Malabrigo lace held together.  This is the yarn I picked up at Stitches South to go with my Paris yarn and I’m very excited to be finally working on this design!

The second:

Mmm I love the colors of these projects

The orange Jitterbug I received in that giveaway a few weeks (months?) back.  I’m making into a hat for the fall and I can’t wait for it to be finished!  Hopefully both designs will be gracing my shops by the time all rolls around.

The knitting has been slow and intermittent, I’m still looking for a job and really need to find one right away.  I really am applying to tens of jobs everyday, and I’ve had a few interviews (even second interviews) and haven’t landed a job yet 😦  Send job-finding vibes my way if you have any to spare!

And don’t forget to check out the other WIPs on Tami’s blog 🙂

Snowmass Chili Pepper and Brew Fest

Happy Monday!  My weekend was a very busy one, but it was a blast!  Friday and Saturday I spent in Snowmass (near Aspen, CO) at the Chili and Brew Fest.

The perfect size for sampling

There was plenty of delicious beer and all kinds of chili but, sadly, only two veggie chilis.  Although both were delicious, it would have been nice to see more of them around.

the drive was so pretty

With music playing constantly in the background and rotating DJs and bands, there was always something to dance to while waiting in line for the next brewery and plenty of good people-watching to partake in.

What did you do this weekend?  Fun things I hope!

FO Friday: Citron Numba Three

The Citron is done and has been shipped off to my momma (she should be getting it today even!).

in all its grandeur

This was the third Citron I’ve knit and the second I’ve knit for my mom.  I’ll quite probably make more as I think the pattern is wonderful and the resulting neck-piece is so versatile.

So drapey and gorgeous!

Now I’ve got to start other knitting projects!  I’m hoping to get some more accessory patterns out there, what do you think?  Anything in particular you’d like to see?

For more FO Fridays, check out Tami’s blog!

Something Purty

I don’t want to do another WIP on the Citron, mainly because I am >this< close to finishing and I hope to share it as an FO on Friday!  But I do want to show you something I got in the mail recently.

My Aunt and Uncle live in Asheville, NC and they sent me this little masterpiece as a graduation present!

A small blue world around my neck

Isn’t it just gorgeous?  The blue is a marble and actually spins behind the super interesting metal tree motif covering (which keeps my fidgety hands pleasantly occupied).  The pendant is secured to the chain with a small gear looking thing which allows it to slide up and down the chain smoothly (which is also amusing to fidget with).

The necklace is from dORY of FuturisticallyArchaic and she’s got more necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings for you to add to your collection!