FO Friday: Citron Numba Three

The Citron is done and has been shipped off to my momma (she should be getting it today even!).

in all its grandeur

This was the third Citron I’ve knit and the second I’ve knit for my mom.  I’ll quite probably make more as I think the pattern is wonderful and the resulting neck-piece is so versatile.

So drapey and gorgeous!

Now I’ve got to start other knitting projects!  I’m hoping to get some more accessory patterns out there, what do you think?  Anything in particular you’d like to see?

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11 thoughts on “FO Friday: Citron Numba Three

  1. I salute you for being able to motor through citrons! I really like how they look but since it’s all stockinette it’s a bit daunting for me. I get bored of big blogs of stockinette pretty quickly.

    I love how the colors in this one work well with the pattern. They look especially neat in the ruffly/bumpy parts.

  2. Wow, your mom is lucky! I love those gorgeous colors, and I agree about the versatility of the Citron. You are making me want to go cast on for a 3rd one right now!

  3. Oh, babygirl, I love, love, love it! If I didn’t con you into knitting it, I’d still be on the first row! Thanks so much – it’s beautiful – love you!

  4. Oh wow, gorgeous! The colours, the ripply-ness, I could look at it all day. (And that first photo is a really stunning shot, go you!)

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