4th of July Weekend Roadtrip

I went on a little road-trip this weekend with two of my roommates and our three dogs, kind of played it by ear and decided some things on a whim and of course it was a blast!

We started off driving to Colorado Springs Friday night, met some friends, had a beer, slept for, oh, an hour, woke up at 3 am on Saturday and drove to surprise my mama in Pagosa Springs.

sunrise saturday

Successful surprise-session then driving through Silverton to get to Ouray where we camped Saturday night.

silverton, co

Sunday we woke up late (8am is late when you’re camping), enjoyed a leisurely morning and did a small hike before driving back to Lakewood.

ouray, co

Of course, knitting came with me on the trip and I did get a substantial amount done.

traveling stitches

You can see here my Malabrigo lace project for which the border was finished and the body stitches picked up.  In the background you can see the sweater project (and the knee bruise is one of many from Garden of the Gods last weekend).

What did you do for the holiday?


One thought on “4th of July Weekend Roadtrip

  1. Looks like a fun trip. I didn’t do any camping but threw a big party, enjoyed a bit of laziness, and watched some fireworks. Also, ate lots of good food.

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