WIP Wednesday: Still Chuggin’ Along

Happy Hump Day everyone!  And Happy 1 year to WIP Wednesdays!!

I haven’t done a WIP Wednesday post in a few weeks, but I promise everything is still chugging along.  And no, I have no new FOs to share either 😦  Perhaps this Friday I will!  If I get knitting time that is…life has been busy here at SillyLittleLady Headquarters.

The sweater project is still going, slowly but surely and I’m now past the main body part and am knitting the armhole space.

progress on my lap with my computer

If the front takes as long as the back is taking, not to mention the sleeves, there is no way this’ll be done by Christmas!  I have to step up my a game a little bit.

Wanna see more WIPs or share your own?  Check out Tami’s blog!


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Still Chuggin’ Along

  1. I love the textures of that sweater, it looks so wonderfully cozy that I want to cuddle up in it even though it’s August. I hope you manage to finish it by Christmas!

  2. The sweater is looking great. I love this photo of the stitch textures. The gray really works well for the pattern. I like RugbyMad’s suggestion about working the sleeves at the same time.

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