My First Vlog!

Vlog?  Vee-log?  Video-log?

However you pronounce it, this is my first one!

Untitled from Holly Priestley on Vimeo.

Please give me any feedback you may have, the vlog was an interesting experiment and gives a bit of variety to the blog but I am also anxious about hearing my voice and seeing my mannerisms on screen!

Happy Friday everyone 😀

5 thoughts on “My First Vlog!

  1. I love this! Only problem I had was I couldn’t ‘like’ or comment on vimeo because I’m not able to join the site where I’m living now. 😦

    It was so fun watching, and I hope you do more of these.

  2. What a great idea! I thought you did very well for your first vlog. With something like this, the more practice you get, the more natural it will be. Have fun with it and maybe add a few smiles:)

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