Aidez Post-Poned


Remember that KAL I was doing with Freshy?  The one where we both going to finally knit the Aidez for ourselves and be supremely happy with the phenomenal results?

Mine has been postponed.

The yarn I chose isn’t getting gauge and although I do love the fabric created by the yarn, it just won’t work for this sweater and so I’m putting it aside until I can design something phenomenal out of it for myself.

Now doesn't that scream to be made into squooshy cables wrapped around my body? I thought so too.

I suppose this post-ponement isn’t altogether bad, I *do* have another excuse to go yarn shopping right?  I simply must get appropriate yarn for Aidez so that I can don this oh-so-freaking-cute cardigan by the time its cold enough outside.

Have you knit Aidez?  Share your stories with me!  I’m always enjoying others’ renditions of this immediate classic 🙂

WIP Wednesday: Never Ending Man-Sweater

I know I haven’t done a WIP Wednesday in ages and I apologize for having nothing more exciting to show you, but I have made some progress and feel that it’s worth sharing!

Although the sweater seems never-ending, it also isn’t due to be finished until Christmas which is why I started it so early in the first place and I am oh-so-gladthat I did what with all of the job-hunting then finding then switching and swapping, it’s been crazy here at SillyLittleLady Headquarters.

every stitch counts, even the few you can get done in traffic

I know what you’re thinking, “that isn’t much of a sweater to show for a few months of work” BUT!  That, my dear readers, is the front of the sweater.  Meaning: I’ve finished the back and am that far through the front, so…probably almost halfway done?  With sleeves and such, sewing and the neckband.

Perhaps I will actually have it done by Christmas…

Visit Tami’s blog for more WIP Wednesday lovelies!

Projects Going MIA

I bet you’re all wondering what happened with that secret lace project I was teasing you with a while back huh?

Well, after I decided that the sample I’d knit was too small, I frogged back a ways then began to reknit it larger.  This didn’t bother me, I’d rather rip back and create something that utilizes the yarn efficiently and will keep me warm this coming winter.  I don’t know if you’ve ever frogged anything that’s been blocked before, but it left me with some of the cutest, most uniform little crimps ever.

Little yarny zippers

Aren’t they darling?

So there I was, happily re-knitting along and one day I came home from work to find this mess:

Sorry for the crappy photo, let just say the entire situation was crappy

The dogs had decided to “unwrap” my frogged package and let me tell you, they’re lucky it was salvageable and they didn’t cause too much damage.

I might be dog-less if they did.

Needless to say, that took a while to figure itself out but the shawlette is back on track and things are coming along swimmingly if a bit slowly what with work and Christmas knitting already underway.  I promise to have more to show you soon, I’m working on the life-work-knitting-having-fun balance and I think it’s starting to work itself pretty well.

How do you balance everything?

Proof I’m Still Here!

Ugh, I seem to be writing a lot of these posts don’t I? I keep disappearing for days/weeks at a time.  Things in life are pretty busy, jobs have been found and quit (jobS.  plural.) and now I think I have some much more reasonable jobs and life should be settling into a new sort of “normal” soon.

A birthday present from my momma 🙂

Knitting is still happening behind the scenes, this sweateris going everywhere with me and gets knit on a little bit almost everyday but sadly not much else has been touched 😦

Mmm wooley texture

Hopefully I can change all that with having an actual routine in my life and get some designs cranked out that I’ve wanted to share with you guys for a while.

But that’s all I have time for right now, I’ll fill you in on all of my adventures later, promise!  Off to work 😀

Travel-less Adventures

You ever have those weekends that are full of unexpected adventures, good times and great finds where you don’t even leave town?

We had one of those.

Saturday we went to an Italian Festival being held nearby.

We saw the most massive rice crispy treats

They are almost the size of her head!

Children stomping grapes to make into wine

young ones helping old ones

And far too many men in far too many tights twirling and throwing flags

straight from Italy. Seriously, couldn't speak English

Sunday we attended a farmer’s market and art bazaar where I met Lexis of Lexisworks and Shay picked up an adorable necklace from BarberryandLace.

Later that afternoon, after many chores had been done, laundry cleaned and the house not looking like a *total* wreck we decided we needed an adventure.  We grabbed our cameras, picked a direction (right vs. left) and found ourselves in an industrial part of town with graffiti skulls looking to start a fight.

I was trying to protect my roomie but first had to put my game face on

Preparing for Battle

We battled fiercely

On guard!

But in the end, his comrade came out of nowhere and took me out.

A kick to the face left me in disgrace

Sadly, Shay then had to run for her life from the monstrous green man (too many veggies in his childhood perhaps?  Nah.  Couldn’t be.)

The Green Veggie Giant on 'roids

Wandering on, we found some trains.  “Lay on the tracks” she tells me.  Pft.  Sure.  That doesn’t sound precarious now does it?

Trains are seriously huge

“Wouldn’t it be funny if one of the trains started moving with you on it?” She says.

Ignore the "broken" arm...

Don’t jinx things like that miss, as soon as I jumped off this train, away it rolled and the windmill blades were taken closer to their destination.  We, luckily, stayed behind.

Moving to a more colorful part of town, we stumbled upon more than we expected when a car show just so happened to be taking place in the parking lot behind.  Let me twll you, *that* was an experience.  So many hydrolics and shiny things, child-sized bikes that were decked out to the max and staged with Chuckie dolls that no one could ever possibly want to ride, old old old cars and did I mention shiny?

Blindingly shiny at some angles

I hope your weekend was just as adventurous as ours!  Can’t wait to see what the next one holds  🙂


A few weeks (months?) back my online friend Freshy and I had discussed perhaps organizing a small KAL for ourselves.  We both fell in love with the Aidez cardiganthe moment we saw it and wanted it in our closets (as do some 998 of other knitters who have knit this adorable cardigan).

Mmm Squooshy Cables

We set our start date for Labor Day and I had hoped to find another skein (preferably 2) of the yarn I chose to use, Malabrigo Worsted before then as I only had three skeins and I needed at least one more per the yardage requirements.  Sadly, I was unable to find any in the yarn shops we stopped at on the way to and from Denver and Durango (road trips are supposed to include random yarn stops right?  I thought so too).

Mmm Squooshy Malabrigo

I’ve wound my three skeins and swatched and have decided to continue in hopes that during the knitting process I’ll stumble upon the exact skeins that I need and won’t have to knit the arms in a different color or perhaps leave the cardigan as a vest (although that would be pretty cute too…).

What knits are you hoping to add to your wardrobe this fall?

Still Here!

I’m still here, I promise!  I just went away for the weekend to attend the Durango Hat tournament (remember I went last year?) and then have been super freaking busy all week what with work and my birthday on Wednesday, and general life-things.

Knitting has been taking place, I promise.  I even finished the back of this sweater and have started on the front!  Hows that for progress?

A small lap blanket for me, the back of a sweater for him

And here in our happy place we’re refusing to acknowledge the fact that the back took months to complete what with my life-busy-ness and if the front and sleeves take that long it shant be finished in time for gift-giving in December…

Minor detail.  For now, happy space with a finished back piece.

Children’s Knitting Classes

Fall is a pretty typical back-to-school time and knitting classes aren’t excluded!  I will be teaching children’s knitting classes at The Recycled Lamb in Lakewood, CO onThursday afternoons throughout the month of September and I’d love to teach your munchkin how to begin this addictive and therapeutic past-time/hobby/sport*.

Be sure to sign up soon! Classes begin next week!!

I hope this develops into more classes being taught and lots of new fiber-y friends and yarn-y connections 🙂

*sure knitting can be a sport, its called speed knitting, haven’t you heard?