Projects Going MIA

I bet you’re all wondering what happened with that secret lace project I was teasing you with a while back huh?

Well, after I decided that the sample I’d knit was too small, I frogged back a ways then began to reknit it larger.  This didn’t bother me, I’d rather rip back and create something that utilizes the yarn efficiently and will keep me warm this coming winter.  I don’t know if you’ve ever frogged anything that’s been blocked before, but it left me with some of the cutest, most uniform little crimps ever.

Little yarny zippers

Aren’t they darling?

So there I was, happily re-knitting along and one day I came home from work to find this mess:

Sorry for the crappy photo, let just say the entire situation was crappy

The dogs had decided to “unwrap” my frogged package and let me tell you, they’re lucky it was salvageable and they didn’t cause too much damage.

I might be dog-less if they did.

Needless to say, that took a while to figure itself out but the shawlette is back on track and things are coming along swimmingly if a bit slowly what with work and Christmas knitting already underway.  I promise to have more to show you soon, I’m working on the life-work-knitting-having-fun balance and I think it’s starting to work itself pretty well.

How do you balance everything?

2 thoughts on “Projects Going MIA

  1. Balance!?
    This is going to sound simplistic, but I use as a base, Schedule my time as I did when I was in college, and then simply realize that sometimes life has a way of changing my priorities on a near daily basis. After that, it’s mostly living in today.
    It’s a process.
    And so individual that what you find works for you , well, it just works.
    Best of luck!

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