WIP Wednesday: Never Ending Man-Sweater

I know I haven’t done a WIP Wednesday in ages and I apologize for having nothing more exciting to show you, but I have made some progress and feel that it’s worth sharing!

Although the sweater seems never-ending, it also isn’t due to be finished until Christmas which is why I started it so early in the first place and I am oh-so-gladthat I did what with all of the job-hunting then finding then switching and swapping, it’s been crazy here at SillyLittleLady Headquarters.

every stitch counts, even the few you can get done in traffic

I know what you’re thinking, “that isn’t much of a sweater to show for a few months of work” BUT!  That, my dear readers, is the front of the sweater.  Meaning: I’ve finished the back and am that far through the front, so…probably almost halfway done?  With sleeves and such, sewing and the neckband.

Perhaps I will actually have it done by Christmas…

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