Musical Monday: Paradise

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had relaxing weekends, mine was and I’m quite pleased with that.

My brother shared this video with me recently because I do love my elephants and it doesn’t hurt that I’m a fan of Coldplay too 🙂  What’s been playing in your ears lately?

Paradise by Coldplay

Its Starting To Feel A Lot Like

Yesterday morning I woke up to a white world.


It’s gorgeous and new and the dogs love it, however my car did not and my first attempt to get to work was thwarted.

This new chill (a high of 30 degrees F? really?) reminds me that I must get on with my personal sock collection…after all the Christmas presents and custom orders I need to make…

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?  Inspirational and exciting?

WIP Wednesday: Revival

This week I’m sharing with you a WIP that’s been on the needles for… well, months.  Although, in my defense, I did finish it once…I just frogged it back a long ways and redid 80% of it.

I don't really mind knitting it, its so pretty and so so so so so so soft

The Malabrigo Lace project is still on the needles.  Yes, yes I know it’s been months and months and …yea I know.

Take II

This time around, I may be racing the skeins.  Much like racing the clock, I am trying to knit to the end of this thing as fast as I can so that I don’t run out of yarn.  Makes sense yes?  Think I can do it?

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Weekend Travels

I leave early tomorrow morning for a weekend of fun down at my old college (“old” college…that sounds weird…I haven’t been gone that long have I?) and so I won’t be around until Monday morning when I fly back, but I do plan on having a Musical Monday post for you, so tune in to see what I’m listening to!

Now I just need to get down to the hardest part about traveling – figuring out what to pack knitting-wise….

so many wips to choose from...or start something new?

Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Body Armor

I don’t know about you guys, but I wear a fair amount of jewelry.  I’m a fan of rings and I prefer silver to gold.  My ring collection started when I was….ten?  Maybe?  And by that, I mean that the ring that resides on the longest finger of my left hand was first placed there when I bought it at ten(ish) years old and hasn’t skipped a day of wear yet.

Armor and Weapons

This past weekend I bought myself two more rings, one to replace an amber flower with a broken band, and one to grace a pinky that hadn’t had a ring chosen for it yet.

ring photos taken by holly priestley

Now, when I bought these I really did not realize the whole hippie side of having not only a peace ring but also a love ring, especially having bought them at the same time, but I do appreciate their message.

What body armor do you wear?

FO Friday: Hats

This week I can share two FO’s with you! Remember that Dreadhead Hat I showed you last week? Well it’s done, and doesn’t look anything like I showed you. I ended up frogging what I had knit so far of the original beanie and making it bigger. In the process I decided to change which yarn I started the project with.

lighting in tattoo parlors is not ideal, but the hat fits!

As per request, there is an elastic band in the brim of the beanie in an attempt to secure the hat to the dreadhead even with the weight of his three-foot dreads bundled up inside. I’m still awaiting the final critique to see if I’ve accomplished this task, but regardless it’ll be a warm beanie for the coming winter.

much less full without dreads in it

I also have a simple beanie to share with you that I’ll be putting in the shop but don’t have adequate pictures of yet.  Just a basic beanie with a k4 p1 pattern in some super soft yarns in a more manly color pallet for the gents among us, or really anyone who prefers the grey/green colors over something more vibrant.

Skip on over to Tami’s blog to see more FOs and share your own!

Musical Monday: Yay for Live Shows!

Happy Monday!  This week I’m sharing my favorite song from Young the Giant‘s first CD.  I was first introduced to this band almost a year and a half ago when they opened for Minus the Bear whom I had gone to see in Albuquerque.  I was smitten with the band from their opening set and have been following them ever since and now they’re doing their own headlining shows and are playing on the radio!  How exciting is it when you get to see the development of hardwork and talent come to fruition?

Last Monday a small collection of friends I went to see their sold out show at the Bluebird Theater.  I didn’t hear about the show until after all the tickets had sold out and was bummed that I would miss seeing them, but Shay fandangled a pair of tickets from Craigslist and then I actually ended up winning two more from Westword

Cough Syrup by Young the Giant