WIP Wednesday: New Stuff!

Can you believe it?  I actually have new WIPs to share this week!  And and and!  Did you notice that was plural?

Yup.  More than one new project.  Believe it.

Both projects are hats, both slouchy and both moving along quickly although that’s where the similarities end.

The first hat that I started is using some Mochi Plus that my roomie gave to me as a gift a while back paired with some creamy handspun mohair that I acquired along with three massive bags of other vintage and handspun yarns from a thrift store (massive Thrift Store Score).  I’m knitting it up in my Lacy Slouch Patternand although it sorely needs to be blocked, I think its looking quite nice thus far, don’t you?

Colors and Creams

The second is what I’m deeming the first of many Dread Head Hats.  A friend with substantially long and heavy dreads would like a hat that is able to hold his dreads inside of it while retaining the shape and not getting so stretched out and weighed down that it won’t stay on his head for more than the first day of wear.  To accomplish this feat I’m inserting a bit of elastic band into the brim of the hat, this is just the preliminary design, after it is completed and used I certainly expect some helpful critique to make the following versions better and better.

It looks nothing like this anymore...

To see more WIP visit Tami’s blog and don’t forget to share your own!

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: New Stuff!

  1. I never find yarn in thrift stores — how lucky are you!

    I love the handspun blended in with the bright colors of the other yarn. That’s just beautiful.

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